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Colossus is a versatile technical support robot designed to intervene in priority areas. Able of evolving on all types of ground, this robot will assist man to extinguish a fire, transport equipment, evacuate wounded persons, provide information, allow day/night and thermic vision with video equipment. It can easily accommodate many options. Colossus was chosen by the Paris Fire Brigade to assist and support security men.



The strengths of Colossus:
– Rapid implementation,
– Outstanding power (2 x 4000W),
– Ability to cross,
– Easy to pilot,
– Few maintenance,
– Fully designed, machined and assembled in our workshops,
– Traction capacity 2 tons (plus),
– Carrying capacity 550kg (plus)

Dimensions : L x l x H : 160 x 78 x 76 cm
Weight: 485 Kg
Speed: 3.5 km/h
Payload : 550 Kg
Duration : 6h00
Obstruction clearance: 30 cm (Ability to cross)
Slope: 50°
Side Slope: 45°
Watertight and waterproof IP67
Battery : 4 x Batteries 24V – 46Ah
Motorization : 2 x 4000W with 48V (Outstanding power)
Los (internal) 300 meters (plus)
Los (external) 1000 meters (plus) (depending on the control system)Aluminum chassis mechanically welded
Electromagnetic Brakes
Picatinny Rails

Video Turret 2 axis – camera with zoom (night and day) Thermographic video camera
PC pilot tablet with photography, videos and telemetry functions
IP long- distance transmission system relay: 5000 m +Camera tray
Water canon motorized
Smoke extraction fan
Tray handling
Extra Battery
Gas, CBRN, temperature sensors
Motorized Bull bar
Connection cable


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