Bulkhead R – automatic traffic barrier system

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The BULKHEAD R is an automatic traffic barrier system. This security device can be remotely activated, deploying a spike system on the road, designed to deflate the tires of passing vehicles. The product can be used by any security services (army or civilian) to protect sites or to stop vehicles by blocking roads or gates.


The Bulkhead R operating system is simple to maintain and only electrically powered, remote controlled road barrier spike system that brings the combination of the following advantages:

– Fast setup, no cabling, no plugging
– Simple, safe and discreet remote unfolding, up to 400 meters
– More than 110 unfold cycles with a single battery charge

Dimensions (L x W x H): 740 x 175 x 520 mm
Weight: 40 Kg – 88,18 Ib
Output time: 2 seconds
Return time: 3 seconds
Autonomy (with a single battery): 400 unfold cycles
Deployment length customizable: 2 to 4,2 meters – 13.78 ft
Wireless remote-control range: 200 meters
Standby mode: 10 days
Operating Temperature Range: -30° à +65° Celsius
Wired cables ( optional)
Rugged, IP67 sealing
Extractable battery – 25,4V
Standby mode : 10 days
Audible signal for harrow output
Welded stainless steel chassis
Amovible Spike System
Deployment Mechanism

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