The Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System, or THeMIS for short, is the first hybrid fully modular unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) in the world. The vehicle is intended to provide support for dismounted troops by serving as a transport platform, remote weapon station, IED detection and disposal unit, and much more. The vehicle’s open architecture gives it the multi-missions capability much needed on the modern battlefield.



22,5 KM/h

1,450 KG

Operation time – min/hrs N.A.
Range N.A.
Weight 1,450 KG
Size 215 X 240 X 111 CM
Operating temperatures – graden celcius N.A.
Climbing  Slope 30 degrees
Frequency; Mhz/Ghz N.A.
Encryption 128 or 256 AES
STANAGS 4609 (visual_ / 4586 (control) / 4545
Environmental tolerances – IP level IP67
The THeMIS can be outfitted with small- or large-caliber weapon systems, but can also serve as an IED detection and disposal platform. The possible use cases for the THeMIS are almost limitless. THeMIS Transport / Combat Support The THeMIS Transport is intended to support dismounted troops by carrying everything a soldier would normally carry, thus letting the fighter concentrate on the mission at hand. It can be outfitted with various types of tie downs and restraints to prevent load shift.