Ghost 4 UAS

Anduril Industries produces Ghost –our best-in-class autonomous small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) that is purpose-built to meet thedemands of military and commercial customers. Ghost is designed for use in any environment for variety of missions, including ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance), counter intrusion, search-and-rescue, and signals intelligence. Ghost 4 is our most capable sUAS platform to date, enabling operators to leverage intelligent air-support that seamlessly scales from a single airframe to large swarms. We highlight Ghost 4’s capabilities below.

75 mins

25 km

18 m/s

20 kg

Flightime 1+ Hour
Max-Range 25 km
Weight 1.1 kg
Size/Wingpan 272.5 x 43.5 x 42 CM
Wind Tolerance 35 knts
Operating Temperature -40°C to 55°C
Frequency N.A.
Setup-Time < 60 sec
Encryption N.A.
Environment Tolerances N.A.
Latlong / MGRS N.A.
STANAGS 4609 (visual_ / 4586 (control) / 4545 (interoperability data)

25km) in each direction. The platform is equipped with gimballed Electro-Optic and Infrared (EO/IR) sensors, onboard compute, and rail space to support multiple payload integrations of up to 10 lbs(4.5 kg).

The Ghost platform drastically reduces manpower and pilot skill requirements, enabling one operator to command and control teams of Ghosts from a single GCS.

Because most of the data is processed using Ghost’s onboard AI-compute, operators need only carry a ruggedized laptop/mobile device and the handheld GCS, making it a highly portable platform for dismounted units. Ghost is controlled entirely through the Lattice software application using normal keyboard and mouse/trackpad functions.

Ghost can be configured to fly on a local, secure, and closed-loop network, or for distributed operations on an encrypted backhauled network.

These configurations allow Ghost sUAS to be flown remotely during distributed operations, with remote commanders able to view data and live feeds to monitor mission progress.

Ghost operates on Anduril’s Lattice Platform software, which merges the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, and Sensor Fusion technology to serve as a cost-effective force multiplier for operators. Lattice is designed to facilitate the integration of multiple sensors and connect these elements together to meet user objectives. Lattice ingests high volumes of data from multiple sensors in various formats and uses AI to identify information that users care about and separate it from noise.

Ghost harnesses the Lattice Platform AI engine and onboard compute to run computer vision algorithms at the edge, enabling Ghost to identify, classify, and track objects of interest (e.g., humans on foot, wheeled and tracked vehicles on land, surface tracks, etc.). The plug-and-play configurability and scalability of the Lattice platform delivers much-needed flexibility for Dutch forces as they planfor the needs of its future warfighters.

Dutch forces have significant opportunity to drive time and resource efficiencies through the benefits of autonomy, delivering better mission outcomes through more rapid and efficient RSTA. Ghost models are also capable of performing missions in teams.

These teamsof sUAS work collaboratively to autonomously complete a mission (i.e. “track an object” or “scan an area”) and reduce pilot workload by utilizing Lattice to fly the optimal routes and deconflict among sUAS assets.

Teamsof Ghostsoperate on a single ground control station and collaborate to achieve additional performance limits (such as extended BLOS, longer endurance to complete the operation, etc.) that are impossible to achieve via a single unit.