EZ Raider LW

EZRAIDER sets a new standard in personal mobility, placing state of the art technology right in your grip. So much more than an off-road vehicle, the EZRAIDER is a completely new, patent protected concept in maneuverability. Intuitive to operate, this fully electric ATV is designed for use in both urban environments and backwoods trails. Features include advanced all wheel’s drive (AWD), hub motors with direct wheels transmission, energy efficiency capability and payload capacity about twice vehicle weight, all integrated with a unique and simplicity of design.



40 km/h

95 KG

Operation time – min/hrsN.A.
Weight95 KG
Size161 X 67 X 127 CM
Operating temperatures – graden celciusN.A.
Climbing  Slope45 degrees
Frequency; Mhz/GhzN.A.
Encryption128 or 256 AES
STANAGS4609 (visual_ / 4586 (control) / 4545
Environmental tolerances – IP levelYES

Driving through town or extreme off-roading? EZRaider is your ideal choice! Our compact, unique design makes us the ultimate solution for all your mobility needs; a sturdy, dependent work tool, or a rugged but safe extreme sports vehicle, EZRAIDER can be used by individuals or in groups for fieldwork, security detail and fun.