bss%20holland_brain%20fingerprinting%2011powerful and proven forensic tool that can permanently change the way suspects are convicted or freed.


  • Relies on brain information processing that detects distinct change in electrical activity when a human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli
  • Results are calibrated with over 99% statistical confidence
  • Zero false positives and negatives
  • Purpose-built to eliminate countermeasures


  • Patented algorithms embedded in software to collect unique electrical signal from the brain
  • P300 MERMER response is an involuntary neurological response, not subject to any behavior of manipulation
  • P300 electrical activity starts anywhere from 300 milliseconds to 800 milliseconds after a recognized stimulus
  • A breakthrough capability to detect concealed information


  • Matches information from the crime scene with information stored in the subject’s brain repository
  • Fast data-processing ensures immediate calibration of results
  • Lightweight and minimal equipment designed to guarantee easy portability and setup
  • Ease of implementation from stimulus creation to setup to testing methodology


  • Simple yet powerful system features define the ease of operation
  • Intuitive and beautiful interface created with thoughtfulness and intention
  • Advanced software architecture supported by the latest, durable, and high-quality technologies
  • Accommodates customization and unique needs of users


  • Accurately distinguishes who participated in, planned, or perpetrated criminal acts, directly or indirectly
  • Supports investigators and intelligence units to identify which criminal networks suspects belong to, including terrorists in sleeper cells
  • Helps pinpoint the chain of command of a suspect for any criminal network
  • Protects classified information by detecting which criminals harbor unauthorized knowledge
  • Validates missing link between available information and evidence from various sources and knowledge concealed in the brain
  • Screens illegal intruders and threat actors with reliable group-based knowledge to effectively assess risk

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