Project ‘RAAK MKB – Internet der maritieme dingen’ (Internet of maritime things). The purpose of this project is to connect innovative systems for positioning in the maritime and offshore sector.

In 2008 a preparatory phase of the project has took place. Project teams ‘Tracking in the recreational shipping’, ‘Knowledge yacht construction’ and ‘Knowlegde centre computer vision’ of the NHL Hogeschool worked on this preparatory phase.¬†During this phase the project teams discovered that the communication between several systems for positioning (in the maritime and offshore setor) is not properly regulated yet.

In the project RAAK MKB – internet der maritieme dingen, the participants of the project deepen the gained knowledge and insights from the preparatory phase. Within this project the participants have used COTS hardware and software to find out whether existing (2D) processes in the maritime sector can be automized by using 3D models, software and robots in order to make the process more efficient.

The result of the project is that automizing certain production processes are very dependant on type of business (volume/material/size) and need to be investigated case by case.

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