BSS Holland and Savox Communications have taken the initiative, with 7 partners, to build and further develop an integrated C4I solution from a command post level to the dismounted soldier. The existing technology components are separately operational in organization like, Coast Guard, Defense, Police and Offshore companies.

The background of this Mounted and Dismounted C4I solution development program is that defense organizations are transforming into an expeditionary force, constituted of versatile, modular and interoperable units. This raises questions like: How to optimally align the Concepts of Operation, the Command & Control Organizations and the Communication and Information Infrastructures? How to establish and maintain the required interoperability levels.


The following companies are participating in the C4I solution:

Radionor with digital C-band network – phased array antenna radios;
SAVOX the integration of radios in CP, vehicle and dismounted mode SA techniques and smart devices;
Nordic Unmanned with Lockheed Martin Indago UAV;
Defenture with the Vector SF vehicle;
ARA with ARC4 heads up display system;
Pacstar with secure network technology.

The solution setup
The network of Radionor is connected to the soldier systems of SAVOX, the Indago UAV, the Vector vehicle and a command post setup (Pacstar portable tactical network).  A situational awareness management application installed on all devices (an easy alternative for a battle management system for CD&E) which has a video management application, display of a map of the area of operations with the symbols of the units and areas of interest and a chat functionality. Currently we are working on integrating an augmented reality helmet system from ARA providing a heads up display allowing the operator to see his bearing, his own position, way points, areas of interest and blue force tracking while on the move.

If you are interested in this project or if you want support in setting up a Defence concept development & experimentation program please feel free to contact us.

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